Formula Calculators were created and maintained by myself, Jeremy Edmonds, to provide the public with free online calculators, formulas, and problem walkthroughs for various technical topics. I hope that these resources will save you time and maybe even help you learn and understand these topics better.

While I did my best to provide accurate calculators and information, I can’t give any warranty for use in applications where a failure would cause losses or injury. This is a free site made in goodwill, but check it over yourself if you intend to use it. I’d prefer that you understand what the calculators are doing, and that’s why I include the formulas used and example problem walkthroughs. I don’t think you should ever have to trust online calculators blindly.

If you catch a mistake, have ideas for improvement, or would like to suggest a new calculator that I can add to the site, please contact me! Please feel free to introduce yourself too. I would love to hear about how you have used my work or learn about the projects you are working on. I really like talking to other people who are passionate about these topics. And if any of these calculators have been useful to you, and you would like to thank me, consider buying me a cup of coffee.


Jeremy Edmonds Bio

Photo of Jeremy EdmondsJeremy’s primary passion is lifelong learning and helping aspiring professionals learn and understand complex concepts, instilling student confidence and giving people the ability to put their knowledge to practical use. He has extensive professional experience across various industries such as rocket and missile telemetry, information security and cryptography, cryogenic engineering, power systems, and autonomous intelligent robotics and motion control. Jeremy works as an engineer in the space industry, runs a digital forensics business, and is a part-time college professor teaching electrical engineering, robotics, and various other specialties.